The ANKC Agility Nationals in Perth will be hosted by Dogs West and the WA Agility Working Party.

The WA Agility Working Party is made up of Gail Brindley as Chair, with members Simone Tolhurst, Karen Phillips, Jennifer Fairley, Anne Lacy Herbert, Amy McCracken and Sarah Pugh) have formed the WA Agility Nationals Working Party (NWP).

The NWP has divided up the tasks with members taking up the following roles:


    • Gail Brindley – Governing Council/Dogs West Liaison, Judges Coordinator and Sponsorship team member
    • Simone Tolhurst – Event Format, Social Media, Fundraising, Meetings & Minutes Coordinator

Working Party

    • Karen Phillips – Ring Management/Equipment, Social Media/Website
    • Anne Lacy Herbert – Dogs West Liaison, Vendors, Prizes
    • Sarah Pugh – Stewards, First Aid, Entries Results
    • Simone Innes – Entries, Results
    • Nadine Neethling – Stewards, First Aid, Entries, Results
    • Jody Webster – Food Vendors/Catering
    • Amy McCracken – Merchandise, Vendors, Prizes
    • Gina O’Keefe – Fundraising, Sponsorship
    • Anne Humphrey – Fundraising, Sponsorship
    • Andrea Carde – Marquee/Equipment Hire