Please give a warm welcome aboard to Antinol! The Nationals Working Party is thrilled to have Antinol be one of our supporters for this event which is filled with owners who have a special interest in fitness and soundness when it comes to their dogs’ health.

What is Antinol?
Antinol is changing dog’s lives for the better. Antinol is a unique marine lipid concentrate in a highly bioavailable form – or a little power-packed oil-filled capsule which is easily absorbed and being seen as the go-to supplement in the fight against inflammation in our dogs. Antinol contains the full spectrum of all known Omega-3’s including the rare and potent OTAs, ETA and Furan Fatty Acids not found in many other marine sources. Our extraction process gives us a potency and purity difference.

Better health. Better mobility. Better life.

Antinol can be used daily as a natural anti-inflammatory, joint and mobility support and wellness influencer for those looking to be proactive about their dog’s health.
Every aspect of their health can be supported as Antinol works directly via their cells so think not only joints but cognitive/neural support, skin health, cardiovascular and renal support and any other condition influenced by inflammation.

To learn more about Antinol you can;
Join our group – Antinol for dogs being better
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Why Agility Nationals?
Before Antinol launched in 2018 I had thought of myself as a good mother to my dogs. But not for long. Antinol very quickly exposed me to the agility world, their handlers and their dogs. Almost immediately I realised the enormous gap between my everyday dog world and the agility/sporting dog world. It challenged every single aspect of what I was doing with my dogs from diet and nutrition, to appropriate exercise. From standards of care to mental fulfillment. I needed to do better.

I wanted what I was seeing – which was
?Bonds between dogs and humans that were total and complete and went both ways.
?Confident dogs and owners who could identify what areas needed to be worked on and went after achieving that
?A degree of trust that I envied
?Mentally stimulated dogs who were thriving
?High energy dogs who were having their needs met and fulfilled
?Dog parents who understood joint disease was for most not a case of “if” but “when” and had the foresight to supplement prophylactically for the disease rather than wait to treat symptoms.

From that moment on it has and always will be for Antinol about a Be Better mission.
?Not being better than anyone else – but being better as individuals and collectively.
When we know better we do better.

What is the Be Better mission?
?Drawing from the knowledge and experience in the sporting dog world and trying to adapt this and modify it to be understood and utilised in everyday dog world.
?Through education and information challenge the stereotypical approach to raising/owning and interacting with dogs.
?Focus always on sharing better knowledge and helping a better understanding of dog needs and health requirements – physically and mentally.
?Ultimately playing a role in dogs living better and ageing better.