The Nationals Working Party and no doubt all of the Agility community across the country are absolutely DELIGHTED to announce OUR MAJOR SPONSOR for the 2020 Perth Agility Nationals.

EUKANUBATM were there for the last amazing Agility Nationals in Victoria and they’ll be there again, here in PERTH for Agility Nationals in MAY 2020.
We are incredibly appreciative and thankful for their support in assisting us with hosting and offering the very best ANKC AUSTRALIAN AGILITY NATIONALS EVENT. Encompassing a huge variety of dogs and handlers and showcasing the very best of Australian and New Zealand Agility, EukanubaTM is there for all dogs.

Eukanuba™ is all about powering performance with high quality ingredients so that our dogs can achieve their mental and physical best.
Please visit their website to see the range of products available at: