Joanna Bull (WA)

Current competing dogs:
I’m owned by 2 springer spaniels Beans and Happy who are kept in line by Navara a Jack Russell.
I’m a great believer in listening to my dogs and only doing things we enjoy together so currently I’m not competing, Beans has all the drive, speed, skills I could wish for he just can’t deal with the trial environment, Navara loved agility, but her hips didn’t and Happy? Well she’s my future.
How you started Agility: It started with a chance meeting, a friendship, some arm twisting, and a little jack Russell cross called Jellybean and her toyboy Flame a springer spaniel. We were never going to be high flyers, but we loved the community we found, friends we made and fun we had together.
When you became a judge: 2022, with a lot of support from some amazing mentors and fellow trainees who are still guiding and supporting me along my journey.
Where you have judged: In my beautiful hometown of Albany on the south coast of WA and Perth
Most Memorable Judging Appointment / moment: My first time judging in my hometown I looked around after I was mean and DQd a beautiful big powerful young kelpie. I was in his direct path between obstacles. Didn’t know I could move so fast. (Yes of course it was caught on camera)!
What you love most about judging: It keeps me connected with the community that has supported me through some tough times and I get to watch people having fun with their dogs.