Karen Phillips (WA)

I have four dogs which includes papillon Cassie who is 11 years old and my border collies 10 year old, Fizz, 4 year old Rain and 1 year old Wispa. Rain is a great, great, great granddaughter of my very first border collie Murphy who is the reason I started agility.  I fell in love with border collies when I was very young and was lucky enough to get my very first border collie Murphy in 1997. Straight away I signed up for obedience and agility classes and never looked back.

I’ve been fortunate to have my dogs take me on some amazing journeys. From highlights such as winning a Nationals final, representing WA in Nationals teams events and multiple WA state finals wins over the years. But just as importantly they have taught me that dog training is so much more than the dog sport we choose to do. It is about listening to your dog, respecting your dog and being a partnership in the true sense of the word.
I completed my judges training over 2015/2016 and judged my first classes in 2017. I’ve been fortunate to judge in lots of fantastic locations including Singapore, Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, South Australia and Victoria.
I love to create courses that make sense with a natural flowing line allowing dogs to stretch out no matter what their size or physicality. I aim to include challenges that can be handled multiple different ways to give handlers choices in how they approach the course. As a judge my main goal is for people and dogs to have fun. When someone finishes running my courses, I want them to feel motivated and inspired to continue enjoying this wonderful sport.
Good luck to everyone competing at the Nationals and most importantly, have fun!