Mel Rhoden (WA)

The Nationals Working Party is pleased to announce Mel has accepted an appointment for our Nationals event next year. Mel is an absolute stalwart of the WA Agility community and has been involved with Obedience and Agility in WA for a long time. Instrumental in the beginnings of WA’s first and only Agility specific dog club – ACWA, he has been a club president, obedience and agility trainer, instructor, competitor at the top levels of the sport before venturing into judging.

Some words from Mel:
How I Got Started: I started training my dog in Agility in 1992 with a border collie X. Ob Ch Max, His first Agility trial was in 1994 at Perth Royal Show. He was the third dog to Run a Master Jumping course. Since then I have had two other dogs (German Shepherds) trained to the highest level in Obedience and Agility.

Most recent is a Border Collie Called Peppa with her title of Track/Search Grand Champion. She is 13 years old and now retired. I have for some years been an instructor in three clubs at the top levels, I also ran quite a few Agility/Obedience Seminars over a few years including Darwin/Tasmania.

In 2001, I started the Agility Club of WA (ACWA) it started out to be a very successful club and is still going strong today, I became a Judge about 18 years ago. Judging in all the States and Territories in Australia I have also judged in Singapore. I have Judged most States and at Nationals.

Memorable Moments: My most memorable judging moments would have to be when I was judging in Ballarat and the rain poured down for two days. The poor dogs were running in 2″ of mud. Another time was in very strong winds and a few dogs got blown off the dog-walk (trial got postponed).

What I love most about Judging: Seeing the changes in Running and Handling styles that have I believe advanced our sport to a stronger level than ever-before with new techniques and training methods