Nadine Neethling (WA)

The Nationals Working Party is pleased to announce Nadine has accepted an appointment for our Nationals event next year. Nadine is one of our integral members of the Nationals Working Party as well as being a judge, hard working trial secretary and all round supporter of Agility in WA. She is currently owned by a Golden Retriever, a couple of Border Collies and a terrier x named Lucy. And yes if that sounds familiar to you – yes she and judge Simon are indeed a dynamic duo who have multiple roles in this upcoming event. Definitely an agility romance that led to marriage and teamwork that certainly makes the dreamwork! Please welcome Nadine on board our judging panel!

Nadine’s Words:
I started agility as a 13 yr old in South Africa when I got my first Border Collie. Back then it was pretty much a case of here’s some equipment, have fun! So I had to teach myself and made a lot of mistakes. I did manage to make the state team and compete at South Africa’s Nationals a few times.

Since moving to Australia I’ve so far had 4 border collies, including a deaf boy, who have all done some form of agility. Some more than others. Through agility I’ve made many great friends, and even met my now husband.
We set up a bit of a Brady bunch of a dog family, with 6 dogs between the two of us. We currently live with 2 border collies, a terrier cross and a golden retriever. Only one of the border collies still compete and we are ready to start our next generation of agility dogs. While we wait for the right puppies, we find judging a great way to stay connected to the sport.
I still consider myself fairly new to the game of judging. My style of course design is always evolving and I try to learn from as many great judges around the world as I can. I definitely have an affinity for open, flowing courses that allows dogs to run fast and have fun. My favourite part of judging is watching a great team do my course justice and have fun while doing so.
Safety of dog and handler is always at the top of my list of criteria when designing a course.
My Australian agility journey started when I volunteered as a steward at the 2005 Nationals held in Perth. In 2010 I competed in the Perth Nationals and also started dating my husband. So I’m super excited to the 2020 Perth Nationals feature as a big event in my life when I’ll be judging at my first nationals.