Sarah Baker (SA)

Hi Everyone! Who is Sarah Baker I hear you ask? Some of you might know me as that spaniel lady from Darwin but in October 2021 I moved back to my home town of Adelaide. I currently live in the Adelaide Hills with my husband and two working cocker spaniels, Ember (7yo) and Bertie (2yo).

Back in 2003 I got myself a Brittany puppy with the sole intention of attaining our UD title. I had virtually no dog training experience but I was super keen and my Brittany was a willing worker and so our journey together began. When we moved to Darwin in 2005, I attended the local dog training club for obedience lessons and also decided to go along to their agility class, just for something to do and try and meet people. Shortly after, I was encouraged to enter my first agility trial and we were lucky enough to gain a pass in novice jumping and so, we were hooked.
There were only a handful of local Darwin judges and I wanted to give back to the sport that has changed my life so in 2016 I gained my Agility judges license through the mentorship and support of Reg Dwyer (shoutout to Reg if you are reading this) As a handler, what I love about agility is the experience, that “magic moment”. That time-freezing experience where all that exists in the world is just you and your dog on the agility field and the connection that flows between you both. That moment might last for the whole course or just for a portion. As a judge, I want everyone to have their own magic moment and I always try to make my courses conducive to allowing the dog/handler connection to flourish.
I feel extremely humbled to be asked to judge at the 2023 Perth Agility Nationals and I would like to thank the committee for the invitation. When I attended my first Nationals back in 2008 in Victoria I could not have dreamed that I would be judging at this event 15 years later. It is both my pleasure and privilege to judge at these Nationals and I wish all competitors the best of luck. May the course be with you!