Sari Mikkila (FIN)

The Nationals Agility Working Party are thrilled to announce that Sari Mikkila from Finland will be judging.  This is the first time Sari has judged in Australia and we are beyond excited to experience Sari’s amazing course design that has seen her become one of the most respected and popular judges in the world.

Some words from Sari:

First of all, it´s a real pleasure to visit and judge for the first time in Australia. I am looking forward to seeing your agility competitors on my courses.

My agility journey started in 1993 with my shelties and I have competed actively with my own dogs since then. Currently I have two shelties and one border collie at home. In addition to judging, I compete actively with my own dogs in the highest class in agility in Finland. I have participated many times in the Finnish Championships and also qualifications for the World Championship with my own dogs. We have won district championship titles several times. I like to take part in different kinds of training sessions and seminars to educate myself both as a judge and as a competitor.

When planning courses, I aim for a speedy and flowing profile, incorporated with versatile choices and possibilities for handling – courses that also require technical skills and the ability to “read” the course-plan. Good lines for the dog and smooth to run.

I have been an FCI qualified agility-judge since 2008. I have judged many Championships and qualifications during these years also in Japan and in Brazil. My most amazing judging experience was the 2019 World Championships, it was so exciting, and I will always think back to it with pleasure and pride.