Tenielle Thwaites (NSW)

The Nationals Working Party is delighted to introduce (for her first time judging in PERTH but second time in WESTERN AUSTRALIA) TENIELLE THWAITES from Grafton, NEW SOUTH WALES!

Tenielle is going to be VERY busy, judging on 5 out of the 6 days of our event and we look forward to seeing her for her BIGGEST appointment here in Western Australia. Please make Tenielle welcome as part of our very appreciated Nationals Judging Panel.
Some words from Tenielle:I live in Orange, Western NSW with my husband, 12 year old son and two dogs – Celti (Border Collie, 12 years) and Rippa (Kelpie, 4 years).I was introduced to agility in 2007 when I took my Cavalier cross puppy to the local dog training club to teach her basic manners and obedience. While I was there I noticed agility training happening and thought it might be fun for us to play together. It didn’t take long for us to get bitten by the agility bug and we started trialling when she turned 18 months in 2008. My passion for agility has only grown since then.

I wanted to give back to the sport that I love so I became a judge at the end of 2015. I have judged in every state across Australia – I have enjoyed all my judging appointments and It is difficult to pick a stand out. Every judging appointment is an honour and special in its own way – from small regional trials to large events such as state titles – I love the challenges that each judging appointment brings. I learn and evolve as a judge with every opportunity.

I try to keep up-to-date by attending handling and judges training seminars when available. There are so many aspects to judging that appeal to me. I enjoy designing courses that are challenging, fast and flowing. It is really exciting to watch dog and handler teams attack my courses and the different handling options that they choose.I was so excited and humbled to be asked to judge at the 2020 nationals in Perth. Like many of you, I have had my fingers crossed that this event would happen and with the hard work and perseverance of the WA agility committee, we are “all systems go” for 2023! Good luck to all competitors and I hope that everyone has a great time as I’m sure that I will.