Yvonne Haynes (WA)

I have been competing in agility since the since the late 80s and have watched the sport evolve over the years from just 9 obstacles to where it is today. During this time, I have trained 7 border collies in the sport and competed in four nationals including the inaugural one in South Australia. I started judging Agility in the early noughties and then ceased for a while as I became involved in three sheep herding trials. I have recently renewed my license and as I currently have no competing dogs due to their age and medical issues, have been able to concentrate on judging and helping with stewarding at agility trials. Over the past few years, I have attended several agility seminars from international judges and handlers, and these have influenced my ideas on course design and the importance of safe lines for the dogs to minimise potential injuries. I like watching the dogs negotiate open flowing courses that provide handling challenges with options for the handlers to manage. I look forward to my judging appointment at the 2023 Nationals and watching the interstate teams and locals run the courses.