The Nationals Working Party is delighted to announce that Active Pet Rehabilitation have come on board as a ⭐️SILVER SPONSOR ⭐️ for our event. Carmel Keylock and all the team provide a fantastic service to many of our performance sports dogs through various modes of treatment that help keep our dogs healthy, mobile and as well conditioned as possible. Carmel is recommended by some of our top WA Veterinary surgeons when looking to rehab performance dogs back to their very best!

We are delighted to support the ANKC National Agility Trial 2020 and hope everyone involved enjoys getting out and getting active with their dogs for the love of it. We look forward to seeing you all at the event, where competitors and spectators alike can check out our Zen-paws Zone for dogs and people.


At Active Pet Rehab we love working with dedicated pet owners so you can enjoy more active time with your fur buddies.We believe in a team approach and build rehabilitation and exercise programs for your pets on referral from your vet, to assist in their recovery from injury or disease. We also help with well being management by providing your pets weight loss and senior pet exercise programs. We provide professional, effective and easy rehabilitation solutions for your pets so you can enjoy more fun time with them and spend less time worrying about them.

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